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SpeakersInTheNews_2011.gif“One way or another—by force of through sanity—we are at the dawn of the transparent age,” writes Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine in regards to the fallout after last week’s Iraq-related document release from WikiLeaks. He continues: “[This transition is] not going to be a pretty or easy transition. For the first facts to be dragged into the sunlight will be the ugly ones that somebody thinks need to be exposed. Only when and if government realizes that its best defense is openness will we see transparency as a good in itself and not just a weapon to expose the bad. Only when governments realize that their citizens can now watch them—better than they can watch their citizens, we hope—will we see transparency bring deterrence to bad actors and bad acts. Then we become Big Brother’s Big Brother. Or we can hope.”

Hear more of Jarvis’ views on transparency at the 2011 SXSW Interactive Festival when he will lead a session titled “Let’s Get Naked: Benefits of Publicness v. Privacy.” Also, see the most current list of confirmed sessions by clicking here. And be sure to check the SXSW Interactive Festival website on Monday, November 8 when we release the next batch of 2011 programming.

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