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Today, SXSW Interactive makes the final large-scale programming announcement for the 2012 season. Many of the sessions listed below were received through the SXSW PanelPicker process. You can view the list of only the newly accepted proposals below organized by campus. We hope that in listing the sessions in this way, you can get a sense of which campuses will most likely be a part of your SXSW 2012 experience. Utilizing 14 hotels and meeting spaces in downtown Austin, the campus system allows us to place similar kinds of programming in immediate proximity to each other.

Look at the list below to see the first announcement of Future15 programming offerings for 2012, happening at the Hyatt Regency Austin campus. Future15s are a series of 12-minute solo short-form presentations that are curated from proposals submitted to the PanelPicker. Future15 presentations are grouped into two-hour blocks of programming related to a single theme. For more information about the different SXSW Interactive programming formats, click here. To see a full list of sessions organized by campus, click here.

* CC = Core Conversation, CLE = Continuing Legal Education.
All subject to change.

Featured Sessions (Austin Convention Center)

A Crash Course in Becoming SuperBetter (Jane McGonigal)
Abundance — The Future Is Better Than You Think (Peter H. Diamandis, X PRIZE)
Don’t Shoot the Player While They’re Learning (Katie Salen, institute of play)
Fireside Chat with Vic Gundotra on Google+ (Vic Gundotra, Google)
Making the Real World Easier to Use (Dennis Crowley, foursquare)
Network Effect: Building a Business Around Sharing (Drew Houston, Dropbox Inc)
Tapping Into America’s Secret Sauce – Entrepreneurs (Steve Case, Startup America)
The Future of the NY Times — The Future of Newspapers ( Jill Abramson, New York Times)
The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses (Eric Ries, The Lean Startup)
The Love You Make (Caterina Fake)
The Secret Lives of Links (Jared M. Spool, User Interface Engineering)
The Secret Lives of the Brain (David Eagleman, Baylor College of Medicine)
The Wars of Tech (Steven Levy)

Better Tomorrow (Austin Convention Center)

Accelerating Killer LatAm Start Ups (Vanesa Kolodziej, BA Accelerator)
Can Growing a Mustache Change the World? (Michelle Sroka, Movember) – CC
Community Regenerati on Through Digital Literacy (Michael Trice, Texas Tech University) – CC
Do People Really Want Participatory Government? (Michelle Chronister, U.S. General Services Administration) – CC
Everyone Is Gay: Social Media as Social Action (Kristin Russo, Everyone Is Gay)
Experiences and Challenges of Civic Media Projects (Lu Ortiz, Nova Mexico, Digital Solutions)
Gimme Shelter from the Storm Clouds (David Ring) – CLE
Group Buying for the Latino Demographic (Boris Portman, Descuento Libre)
Hackathons: Kickstart a Movement from a Weekend (Christine Outram, City Innovation Group) – CC
Have Latin American Media Become Social? (Valdir Ugalde, Mundo Contact)
How Digital Softened Brazil’s Iron Lady (Katy McKegney, Blue State Digital)
How is Internet Helping People Make Their Own Laws (Sergio Vieira Branco Junior, Fundação Getulio Vargas)
How To Lead A Social Revolution And Make A Profit (Shennandoah Diaz, Brass Knuckles Media) – CC
How we do it in Brazil (Cristiano Dias, JWT Brazil)
Libros Digitales Para Todos | eBooks for Everybody (Martin Kalfatovic, Smithsonian Institution Libraries)
Mining Diversity: Developing Community of Color (Trevite Willis, Big. Shade. Tree.)
No Brochures: Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits (Michael Borum, Oxfam America) – CC
Own the Media. Or the Media Will Own You (Lorenzo Mendoza, Live AD)
Pay-It-Forward: How To Build a Successful Startup Through Helping Others (Hadiyah Mujhid, Black Founders Startup Ventures)
People-Powered: Technology and the Revolution (Meghann Olshefski, AMP Summit) – CC
Positively Inspired Change Campaigns (Tom Dawkins, HopeLab) – CC
Queer Viral Aesthetics: Resistant Practices in New Media Art and Philosophy (Micha Cardenas, University of Southern California)
Redefining Philanthropy for the Next Generation (Puja Sangar, Fortier Public Relations) – CC
Social Apps and Charitable Giving (Erin DeRuggiero, Social Reality) – CC
Social Media Sharecropping: Struggle to Commercialize Technology Adoption in Black America (Gina McCauley, Blogging While Brown)
Sparking Real World Action with Social Media (Karen Bantuveris, – CC
SXSW Yoga (Ari Stiles, Environments for Humans) – CC
The Automobile as Network Node (Gary Greenstein, WSGR)) – CLE
The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter (Dr Goddess, Dr Goddess Arts Education & Management)
The Future of Money in the Digital Age (Paige Thelen, Inner Circle Labs)
The Most Wanted Unusual Suspect: Markia Zuckerberg (Glennette Clark, Smarter Experiences)
The State of Minority Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley (Hank Williams, Kloudco)
What’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ in Social Networking? (Joel Simkhai, Blendr/Grindr LLC)
Your Arts Organization = A Start-up Business (Cariwyl Hebert, Salon97) – CC

Book Readings (Austin Convention Center)

A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling (Andrea Phillips, Deus Ex Machinatio)
Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web & Mobile (Jon Wuebben, Content Launch)
Digital Leader: 5 Simple Keys to Success (Erik Qualman, equalman LLC)
Digital Vertigo (Andrew Keen, Keen Productions)
Get Bold: Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social Business (Sandy Carter, IBM)
Get Lucky: Putting Planned Serendipity to Work for You and Your Business (Lane Becker, Deprecated, Inc)
Make It So (Nathan Shedroff, CCA)
The $100 Startup (Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity)
The Big Squeeze: The Communications Crisis in America (Susan Crawford, Cardozo Law School)
The Indestructible Brand (Huard Smith, RepEquity, Inc.)
Your Best Just Got Better (Jason Womack, The Womack Company)

Branding and Marketing (InterContinental Stephen F. Austin)

Blogging: Why So Many Women Are Doing It (Indiana Adams, Adored Austin) – CC
Brand as API: Connect Differently
(Glenn Platt, Interactive Media Studies, Miami University) – CC
Crowdsourced Creative: Friend to Advertising? (Neil Perry, Poptent Inc) – CC
Digital Divas: How Girls Rule the Digital Universe (Dayna Dion, Ogilvy & Mather) – CC
F**k Privacy: Neuromarketing is the Web’s Future (Shaina Boone, Critical Mass) – CC
How Brands Build Advocates by Anticipating Needs (Leigh George, R2integrated) – CC
How To Break Through The Noise With Great Events (Jason Preston, MillerCoors/Centex Beverage) – CC
Smokey Bear Tweetup (Smokey Bear, Ad Council) – CC
Taking Your Brand Back From Your Customers (Peter Wolfgang, ) – CC
The Creative Collaboration Conundrum (Matt Baker, RAPP) – CC
We the People: Creating a Consumer’s Bill of Rights (Rachael Himsel, Placecast) – CC
Who’s In Charge? Too Many Cooks in the Project (Stephanie Perkins, inVentiv Communications) – CC
Y Rappers R Better Marketers Than U (Katy Zack, SapientNitro) – CC
Your Marketing Sucks: Why You Need to Think Local (Mike Merrill, ReachLocal) – CC

Convergence (Austin Convention Center)

3 Screen Minimum: Convergence of TV & Social Media (Ann Jane Cox, Weber Shandwick on behalf of Verizon)
Anime: More than Cartoons (Justin Rojas, FUNimation Entertainment)
From Capt. Hook to Capt. Jack: Combating Piracy (Brynn Moynihan, Horn Group)
Raise Your Profile Using SXSW (Brian Zisk, SF MusicTech Summit)
Social TV & Sports: Sunday Will Never Be the Same (Matthew Moller, Samsung)
What Can Digital Distribution do for TV Producers? Hulu is the place for creators (Jen Chiu, Hulu)

Design and Development (Austin Convention Center)

Go Forth & Make Awesomeness: Core Values & Action (Leslie Jensen-Inman, The University of Tennessee)

Emerging (Hilton Austin Downtown)

11 Reasons QR Codes Are Not Engaging Consumers (Matt Lindberg, ICR Media) – CC
4-Hour Work Week is BS: Truths of Working Smarter (Doug Marinaro, LiquidSpace,Inc.)
Big Data Smackdown on Cybersecurity (Vera Wang, for Splunk) – CC
Can Privacy Bootcamp Firm Up Your Bottom Line? (Nicole Ozer, ACLU of Northern California)
Connected Cars, Connected Cities and Urban Driving (Amy Todenhagen, Razorfish) – CC
Data is the New Oil: Wealth and Wars on the Web (Katherine Schmalzried, – CC
Does Real Time Data Make Us Better Consumers? (Josh Reich, Simple Finance Tech Corp (BankSimple)) – CC
Erasing Lines Between Physical and Digital Worlds (Chris Kramer, Fortyseven Communications) – CC
Events are Now Platforms: Seven Tools for Success (Brian Duggan, Building Alliances, LLC) – CC
Fight Back Against Hack: Protecting Consumers (Sarah Arvizo, Wonacott Communciations)
Hacking SXSW for Smiles and DorkBot Street Cred (Paul Curry, cr3ative media) – CC
Mobile Payment Takes Lesson from Credit Industry (Candice Eng, Gemalto Inc)
My Voice is my Passport. Verify Me (Beth Williams, INK Public Relations)
NFC: No one Freakin Cares? (Rachel Youens, Mutual Mobile) – CC
Open Innovation: Millions of Us Solving Problems (James McKeown, TopCoder)
Open Source & The Changing Tech Landscape (Andre Lenartowicz, Rackspace Hosting Inc) – CC
QR Codes & NFC: When Physical & Digital Collide (Antony McGregor Dey,
Reaching Connected Consumers Across Platforms (Keri Kandel, Google Inc) – CC
Seafood Watch vs. Yelp: Future of Social Food (Rachel Weidinger, TechSoup Global) – CC
Securing the Cloud-What’s Your Cloud Entry Point? (Wade Holmes, VMware Inc)
The Dark Side of Social Networks: Malware & Fraud (Paul Judge, Barracuda Networks)
The Semantic Web Has Gone Mainstream! Wanna Bet? (Juan Sequeda, The University of Texas at Austin) – CC
Wall-E or Terminator: Predicting the Rise of AI (William Hertling, Hewlett-Packard)
Why Your Car Will be the 5th Screen in Your Life (Tina Unterlaender, AKQA) – CC
You Don’t Need Bandwidth to be Awesome (Brett Haggard, Hypertext Media) – CC

Future15 (Hyatt Regency Austin)

7 Reasons You Should Stop Investing in Facebook (Niki Weber, Brain Sport)
A Tale of Loyalty: Virtual Brand Currency Wars (Cameron Friedlander, Designkitchen [WPP])
Advanced API design: how APIs change the world (Jonathan Dahl, Zencoder)
Agency Innovation: Yes, It’s Possible (Marty Boyer, Possible Worldwide)
Applied Improvisation: Preparing to be Unprepared (Brad Temple, Austin Improv Collective)
Bam! – When Every Device is Cloud-Connected (Richard Schwartz, Macheen)
Big Data + Social Graph (Allyson Resh, 33Across Inc)
Brain as interface: Future of bio-computing (Lee Shupp, Cheskin Added Value)
Brains, Games & the Consequences of Design (Pamela Rutledge, Media Psychology Research Center)
Brands That Believe in Sex After Marriage (Noel Franus, Crispin Porter+Bogusky)
Bringing back the love when Google hates you (Pia Chatterjee, HubPages)
Creative Leadership: Re-imagine the Design Process (Sarah B Nelson, Tapir & Tine)
Crowd Sourced & Collaborative Story-Writing (Stephen Bradley, Farmingville Capital)
CrowdTV – Crowd sourcing documentaries (Kylee Ingram, Australian Documentaries)
Data is Sexier than Sex… And I’ll Prove It (Amy Schneider, Tableau Software)
Deconstructing the Myth of Viral Video (Mitchell Reichgut, Jun Group)
Delivering Online Content Experiences Across Platforms (Kristin Cronin, Brightcove)
Demographics are Dead: Unlocking Flock Behavior (Amit Avner, Taykey)
Demystifying Design: Fewer Secrets, Greater Impact (Jeff Gothelf, TheLadders)
Die or Become a Next-Generation Media Company (Gaby Adam, Wetpaint)
Digital Detox: Revealing Life Unplugged (Meghann Craig, Possible Worldwide) (Rob Garner, iCrossing)
DotAnything 101-Demystifying New Domain Extensions (Mike Reilly, fama PR)
Empathy-Building Tools for Better Collaboration (Kyra Edeker, Projekt202)
Genius or Feeble? Ranking Luxury Brands Digital IQ (Scott Galloway, NYU Stern/L2 Think Tank)
Geo interfaces for actual humans – the Flickr way (Eric Gelinas, Flickr)
How to Build a Privacy By Design Web Company (Josh Galper, OpenAuk)
How to Get Consumers Addicted to Your Content (Tara-Nicholle Nelson, SutherlandGold)
I’d Bump That: NFC Growth Requires Play, Not Pay (Paul Gelb, Razorfish)
Independent Manufacturing with Social Media (DL Byron, Textura Design Inc)
Integrate the best of the East into Social Gaming (Joanne Yang, Gaia Interactive)
Lend Me Your Earballs: Sound + Interaction Design (Julian Bleecker, The Near Future Laboratory)
Manage With Care: Employees Are Your New Clients (Allison Hemming, The Hired Guns)
Multiplayer Work: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? (JP Rangaswami,
Music Apps Gone Wild (Eliot Van Buskirk, The Echo Nest/
Ooh You Know Me So Well! (Jake Mintz, Bump Technologies Inc)
Open APIs: What’s hot? What’s not? (John Musser, ProgrammableWeb)
Open-Source Culture and the Cult of Hatsune Miku (Alex Leavitt, USC Annenberg)
Organization Design is for Lovers (Scott McDowell,
P-Cubed: Building a happy, positive startup (Ron Gutman, HealthTap)
QR Codes, Technology, and a New Era of Fine Art (Jeff Wilson, frog design)
Responsible Design and The Ethics of Influence (Dennis Kardys, WSOL)
Rise of the Free Agent Nation (Mark Stelzner, Inflexion Advisors LLC)
Rise of the Social Spammers (Elyse DeVries, Alterian)
Secrets to User Centric Social Experience (Jack Jokinen, Dachis Group)
Sharing Privately in the Context of Health (Michael Nichols, HealthTap)
Social Broadcasting in Open Source Communities (Chris Aniszczyk, Twitter)
The Art of the No-Decision Decision (Peter Sheahan, ChangeLabs)
The Dark Art of Digital Music Recommendations (Chris Taylor, Rovi Corporation)
The New Age of Money (Heather Schlegel, The Purple Tornado)
The Revolution Will Be Published (Richard Eoin Nash, Small Demons)
Tracking and Using Trends to Make Great Content (Jessica Hilberman, Yahoo!)
Traveling Band: Road Trip to Happiness? (Joris Verbogt, Mangrove)
Using Technology to Thwart Human Traffickers (Christina Arnold, Prevent Human Trafficking (PHT))
What Content Strategists Can Learn from the Movies (Carmen Hill, Babcock & Jenkins)
Why & How To Use Storytelling In Your Work (Randy Hoyt, Imaginuity)
Why Mobile Apps Must Die (Scott Jenson, frog design)
Why Women Fail to Rule the Social Networks (Tanja Gabler,
Your Blog Is Not Your Business (Adam Baker, Man Vs Debt LLC)

Future of Work (Courtyard Marriott)

Building Team Chemistry in Baseball & Technology (Doug LeMoine, Cooper) – CC
From Dorm Room to Board Room (Lauren Joffe, Mental Floss LLC) – CC
Getting Experts Onto Your Passion Project (Erica Berger, Berger Works LLC/ The Economist)
Getting Good: Practical Tips for New Designers (Yesenia Cruz, Happy Cog) – CC
Job Hopping: Turn a High Number To Your Advantage (Erin Bush, Neustar ) – CC
Marshalling Your Army of Interns (Larry Smith, SMITH Magazine) – CC
Revenge of the Generalists (Jo Miles, Beaconfire Consulting) – CC
Taking Team Solidarity into the Trenches (Elizabeth Gibson, AT&T) – CC
The Future of Work: Serial Monogamy (Lisa Holden, Atomic PR)

Government and Global Issues (AT&T Conference Hotel)

2012: Social Media’s New Role In Politics (Vishal Sankhla, Viralheat Inc)
American Copyright: Will Government Go Too Far? (Katherine Sunstrom, Lorance & Thompson PC)
But Hasn’t Politics Always Been Social? (Adam Conner, Facebook)
China: Creators and Consumers of the Future (Brandon Berry Edwards, Crunchy Frog)
Cool Like You, Gov Private Sector Envy (Matthew Esquibel, City of Austin)
Data Deluge! Reclaim Privacy, Protect Innovation (Julia Angwin, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network)
Engaging Congress on Net Neutrality (Kim Hart, Politico)
Future of U.S. Cities: Technology in Public Service (Rachel Sterne, City of New York)
Global Innovation Challenges (Cecilia Kang, The Washington Post)
Greening China’s Cities (Christina Larson)
Inside-Out: Cross Sector Issue Collaboration (Sarah Granger, Center for Technology, Media & Society)
Not Your Average G-Men – Delivering (Amanda Eamich, US Department of Agriculture)
Optimism: the Ultimate Revolutionary Act (Mona Eltahawy)
Out of this World Engagement (Stephanie Schierholz, NASA)
Policy Effects of Media Portrayals of Hacktivists (Molly Sauter, MIT: Center for Civic Media)
Social Media Boundaries: Personal/Personnel Policy (Amy Sample Ward, NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network)
Socializing the Presidency: Digital Politics 2012 (Carrie Johnson, PBS)
Sunspots: The Promise and Pitfalls of Gov 2.0 (Sarah Cohen, Duke University)
The Human Cost of Failed Government Technology (Erine Gray, Aunt Bertha, Inc.)
The Postal Service: Its future is innovation (Stephen Barron, United States Postal Service) – Breaking the Mold for eGovernment (Hillary Hartley, NIC Inc)
Vote4Geeks: Why Techies Should Run for Office (Julie Germany, DCI Group)
Why Hasn’t the Internet Made Voting Awesome? (Seth Flaxman, Democracy Works Inc)

Health and Education (AT&T Conference Hotel)

Digital and Social Learning: Transforming Education (Dr. William J. Ward, Syracuse University)
Education 2.0: How Social Media Drives a Student’s Success (Jennifer Openshaw, SuperFutures)
How Technology Is Killing (or Saving) the Lecture (Jeffrey Young, OpenAuk)
#NoFailWhale: Tweet More, Drop Out Less (Rey Junco, Lock Haven University)
Not Just Games: Tools That Kids Want To Use (Julie Shannan, Girlstart)
‘Old School’ to ‘New School’: The Rise of Mobile Learning (Michael Mayrath, GYLO – GetYa Learn On, LLC)
The New Black? How DIgital Ed is Everything (Lori Kent, Hunter College)

Journalism and Online Content (Sheraton Austin)

@BettyDraper’s Guide to Social Storytelling (Helen Klein Ross, Brand Fiction Factory) – CC
Big Brands and You: Make the Love Connection (Stefanie Week, CMD) – CC
Big Ol’ Babies: Why Baby Boomers=Public Media FAIL (Dee Kapila, KUT Austin)
Character Building As An Attention Magnet (Kahlil Ashanti, Ashanti Enterprises Inc.) – CC
Death of Digital Downloads: MP3s the new 8-track? (Katherine Walters, SHIFT Communications) – CC
Does Free Content Cannibalize Your Paid Consulting (Jay Baer, Convince & Convert) – CC
Entertain or Fail: Brands As the New Publishers (Anthony Batt, Katalyst Media) – CC
How to Personalize Without Being Creepy II (Mat Harris, StreamVine) – CC
iVision Africa:New Media’s Role in Reframing Africa (Ngozi Odita, Society HAE) – CC
Making eBooks Smarter: Responsive Page Design (Peter Meyers, Page Breaker Productions) – CC
Monetizing Mommy (Catherine Connors, Her Bad Mother) – CC
Philanthropy is not the future of Journalism (Nicole Hollway, St Louis Beacon)
Rise of the Indie Web (Tantek Çelik,
Core Conversation
Rise of the Interactive Director as Creative Lead (Dustin Callif, Tool) – CC
State of the Media Democracy (Jeanette Watson, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu)
The Trend of Trending (Ryan Geyer, Trenspot) – CC
What’s the Holy Grail of Social/Mobile/Local? (Kim Lovely, Lonely Planet) – CC

Late Break (Hyatt Regency Austin)

Crowdsourcing Science (Adrien Treuille, Carnegie Mellon University)
Dealing With the Media Data Explosion (Michael Gitig, Gobbler)
How Digital Maps Navigate the Human Condition (Guy Gould-Davies, SapientNitro)
Internet Bubble the Sequel – 1999 All Over Again? (Ethan Kurzweil, Bessemer Venture Partners)
Liberating Data with Interactive Charts (Ross Perez, Tableau Software)
Mixed-Reality Gaming — The Next Evolution in Entertainment (Chuck, Orbotix)
Mixel: Art, Tablets and the Creator Economy (Khoi Vinh, Mixel)
The Field of Dreams Manifesto: A Dwolla Story (Jordan Lampe, Dwolla)

Lifestyles And Sports (Driskill Hotel)

Speed Surveys: Answer Life’s Nagging Questions (Arielle Reinstein, Google)

New Business (Hilton Garden Inn)

Big Data for Everyman: Help Liberate the Data Serf (Melissa Hick, for Splunk)
Big Data: Powering the Race for the White House (Patrick Ruffini, Engage)
Big Social Media Results at Small Organizations (Aimee Roundtree, University of Houston-Downtown)
Connected Living Rooms, Contentious Networks (Ally Khantzis, LEWIS PR)
Creating a Mobile Wallet Worth Having (Omar Green, Intuit)
Credits Coins Cash: Social Currency & Finance 2.0 (Kaya Lobaczewski, Tribal DDB Worldwide)
Data Mining Music (Paul Lamere, The Echo Nest)
Developing for a Consumerized Enterprise World (Nicole Jordan, BetterWorks Inc)
Disambiguation: Embrace Wrong Answers & Find Truth (Winnie Hsia, Infochimps)
Enterprise Mobile App Solutions (Wesley Poth, BestFit Mobile)
Everything You Need to Know About B2B Marketing (Maura Ginty, Autodesk)
For Big Data, We Need Machines & Humans (Chris Harihar, The Morris + King Company)
From Leather to Smartphone: The Wallet Evolves (Margaret Huang, Pageonce)
Group Deals Are Killing Your Small Business (Genesis Kobos, Dotted Line Communications)
How the Wallet Was Won: The End of Paper Receipts (Scott Brady, LaunchSquad)
How to Work in B2B and Keep Your Creative Shirt On (Melissa Messer, Somnio Solutions Inc) – CC
Humanizing your B2B Brand With Social Video (Tim Washer, Cisco)
Mobile Payments: Transforming Consumer Marketing (Michele Fanning, Innovation)
My Financial Advisor is an Algorithm (Sylke Laine, mediaman / expect more from digital)
No Rainy Days: Identity Protection in the Cloud (Helen Rodriguez, INK Public Relations)
Please Touch Me! Enterprise Delight via Multitouch (Uday Gajendar, Citrix Systems Inc)
Social Media in the Underground World of B2B (Melissa Chanslor, Text 100)
The Promise and Pitfalls of Real-Time Marketing (Jeff Beringer, GolinHarris)
The Social Network for Computers (Martha Jager, Sheeran/Jager Communication)
Using Psychology to Increase e-Commerce Conversion (Joe Rawlinson, National Instruments)
UX in the Cloud: Creating Amazing Enterprise Apps (Dave Knight,
When Goliath Tries to Steal Your Lunch Money (Kevin Leahy, LaunchSquad)
Why a Mobile Wallet Isn’t Going to be Enough (Sam Shrauger, PayPal Inc)
Why Location Matters for Your Personal Data (Glenn Derene, Popular Mechanics )
Why Small is the New Big and Big is the New Small (Kat Mandelstein, IBM Collaboration Solutions)
Will Accessibility Rain on Your Cloud Parade? (Elizabeth Woodward, IBM)

ScreenBurn Gaming (Palmer Events Center)

Games for Change: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (Asi Burak)
Inside the Development of Mass Effect 3 (Casey Hudson, Mass Effect)
Live the Game: A Lifestyle with a Gaming Sense (Tish Shute, Stupid Fun Club Inc)
Mega64 LIVE! (Rocco Botte)
Taking a RISK: Exploring Production From Board Game to Console Game to Facebook (Rachel Citron, Powerhouse Animation Studios)
What Would Levi Strauss Do: The Kinect Effect (Jenna Seiden, Microsoft)

Social Networks (Omni Downtown)

Enterprise Social Media Trends: Are We There Yet? (Luis Benitez, IBM)
Forget Radio. Let Your Fans Market Your Music (Sanjay Dholakia, Crowd Factory) – CC
Get Lucky: Create Serendipity to Spur Innovation (Rawn Shah, IBM) – CC
How To Write An RFP For Social Media (Kendall Morris, Fahrenheit) – CC
Is it Skynet Yet? The Social Race with Google+ (Jim Marcus, DDB Chicago) – CC
Music 2.0: Engaging Fans with Mobile Social Apps (Dorothy Jean, Brew Media Relations) – CC
Not Your Mommy’s Blog: The Evolution of Dad Blogs (Jason Avant, DadCentric) – CC
Radio Free Yoga: Self Realize x Social Enterprise (Diane Ferraro, Where Is My Guru) – CC
Security and Privacy in Social Networks (John Adams, Twitter) – CC
Sharing: A Window Into the Human Psyche (Kurt Abrahamson, ShareThis) – CC
Social Flubs: Can Bad Publicity Be Good? (LuAnn Glowacz, PR Soup) – CC

Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators (Austin Convention Center)

A Bigger World: The Dreams of Youth Realized (Benjamin Yu)
Bringing Back the Scientific Method: Democratizing Science (Alexander Kiselev)
Connecting with Your Future Customers, the Net Gen (Lane Sutton)
Disrupting the Entrepreneurial Process (Jonathan Van)
Do Gamers Dream of HTML5 Sheep? (James Simpson)
Education and the Internet: The Future (David Merfield)
How One Will Change The World (Cory Levy)
How to Live Forever (Laura Deming)
Innovation in Mobility, and it’s Future Impact on the Healthcare System (Gary Kurek)
Light and the Unexplored Communications Frontier (Travis Rich)
Making Money with Metrics (Jessica Mah)
PurpleSight: A New Way to Look at Politics (Tony Mataya Jr)
Structural Defects in the Software Ecosystem (Sebastien Zany)
Tablo: a New Medium for Education (Nick Cammarata)
The Missing Subject: What We Forget to Teach Our Students (Erin Carrion)
What Encourages Young Entrepreneurs to Build Start-ups? (Shahed Khan)

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